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Adult cheating dating wife

'I met Ian for a drink shortly after one of these trips,' he says.

'I suppose the relationship took off during one of those trips,' he says.

When his friend confronted him with the truth, he was stunned.

The 2000 review of the Registrar General on Marriages, Divorces and Adoptions in England and Wales, reveals that 29 pc of men are likely to present 'adultery' as a cause of the irretrievable break down of marriage, compared with 21 pc of women.

As men are more likely to be unfaithful in the first place, this suggests that men are less able to forgive an affair and more likely to see it as the end of their marriage.

Ruth Johnson wonders if she could have put a stop to the chain of events that led her into the arms of another man. She can now see the errors she made: how having been married for 21 years to the same man, with four children born in quick succession, left little time for romance or intimacy, and how she took so much for granted. The 54-year-old further education lecturer from Northampton found herself pouring her heart out to a man she met at a Parent-Teacher Association meeting. 'The intensity of feeling between us took me by surprise,' she says.

Before Ruth knew it, the relationship had become sexual and for eight years the married lovers conducted their illicit affair in secret, hiding it from their respective partners.

" 'The feelings and the emotional connection are more likely to be seen as a threat to a woman.

Men are more concerned about the sexual aspect.' This is also backed up by Government statistics.

'I wanted to hit him, but I knew an angry scene would only leave me feeling worse.

I wanted to act as a gentleman and not as a hard man.' Chris didn't return home for three days.

Feminism may have given women the inclination - and the power - to be as unfaithful as their husbands, but male attitudes to their wives haven't yet caught up.