Start Adaware se not updating

Adaware se not updating

Pass on this product, others have left it far behind.

After avoiding the 2007 edition because of it's 'can't turn me off nohow' behavior I heard good things about new version from a beta tester but it's a clunker.

SE was the last useful version but they now force you to download and install updated definition files manually into the install folder--Lavasoft seems to be getting progressively worse. Ad Aware used to be excellent; however, it is becoming a bit outmoded compared to newer, faster, more efficient paid and freeware anti-spyware scanners.

Also the old one stopped catching viruses, I think it don't bother. It doesn't play well with anti-spy where programs that "bite." It takes 179.5 in memory.

I hope this one behaves itself I'm looking for a anti-virus to upgrade, but first need to see what this one does. All I need is free version (only 'excellent' rating that could give) scanner. Put the new version 10 on your shortlist which will be released very soon.

nothing beats manually initiating every action on your pc.

so kudos to them for leaving an annoyance out of their code.

It's a pretty good program, but updates take forever and to me, that makes this undesirable.