Start Accommodating students with cerebral palsy

Accommodating students with cerebral palsy

We test, we check, We plan, we meet, But nothing every seems complete. I do not like the form I see, Not page 1, not 2 not 3 another change, A brand new box, I think we all Have lost our rocks, Could we all meet here or there? Not in a room, Not in a hall, there seems to be no space at all.

Is there a specific teacher you can request by name based on his needs?

He needs resource room for reading and writing, and we have kept him mainstreamed in technology, math, and science.

We almost had to move math to the resource room, but the IEP leader had the brilliant idea of dropping social studies and going to the math class a second time each day. Try to adapt to things as they unfold and hopefully you will have an IEP group that stays flexible.

Under IDEA, cerebral palsy is considered an “orthopedic impairment,” which is defined as :“. The term includes impairments caused by congenital anomaly (e.g.