Start A course in miracles dating site

A course in miracles dating site

Let's demystify the ways the ego gets to work in romance -- here are some of the big illusions that can really take us down.

We feel so beholden to this special partner because the ego makes us believe that we're missing something and that we can only feel complete in the arms of someone else.

When we consciously allow our ego to run our romantic life, we stay stuck in nasty patterns.

Invite the spirit of love to guide your perceptions.

Set yourself free from your special illusions by simply recognizing whom you have made special.

When you recognize this ego chaos, you diminish its power.

This new attitude will allow you to begin to appreciate the partner who brings up all your funky issues -- because you'll know the learning that is available to you.

Special Ain't So Special Ask yourself whom you have made special.

As a student and teacher of the metaphysical text , I've come to understand how our ego (fear mind) wreaks havoc in the romantic arena.