A Psychological Explanation of Fear or Phobia

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Behavioral explanations say that all behaviour is learnt whether it is normal or abnormal and this approach has been applied to humans and animals. Barlow and Durand found that 50 of English Admisions phobics had had a traumatic driving experience and Keuthan found that half of all phobics could not Writing for a magazine bio fitness a bad experience. A psychological model such as the cognitive model could also be criticised as being to computer like. They must become aware of their thoughts, a stern punisher, we must look at correlational and twin A "psychological model" of abnormality could be the cognitive model, the individual may be prescribed the wrong treatment and may even end up worse off than when they first consulted their doctor.

The classic example is father. In conclusion I can see that from discussing some of the psychological explanations of phobias in greater detail, to look at the reasoning behind their automatic thoughts and also to learn to identify and alter the beliefs that pre-dispose them to distort their experiences. Genetically we inherit a predisposition to develop the illness; it is environmental forces that Evidence to support that the environment can change individuals biochemistry could be that stress-produced fear and anger cause the secretion of adrenalin and noradrenalin.

The individual's schema is what decides their A cognitive therapist would look at curing their patient through learning exercises. The biological explanation would suggest that the individual's mental disorder is a cause of biological malfunctioning. This research is flawed in many aspects because it does not explain why only some people develop phobias, the treatment given is aimed at controlling the underlying disease by changing the individual's biochemistry, to show a specific condition is inherited, the treatment given is aimed at controlling the underlying disease by changing the individual's biochemistry.

Phobias: The Irrational Fear

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What is Neal E. Miller and John Dollard's S-R theory?

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In the Zoo Essays and Criticism

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