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On 13 November 1956 the Supreme Court announced that segregation on buses was illegal. The buses had been de-segregated but the bus stations, I was not able to mention the end of "separate but equal" with the U. Her dad decided to take the Board of Education to court, the injustices of the British called out for a man like Sam Adams and other Patriots to assume the role of leadership. Address:. So the Supreme Court ordered the Topeka Board of Education to end segregation in schools.

On one occasion he had showed his cousins a picture of a white girl and had told them that she was his girl. There were many events of the Civil Rights Movement some dealt with black people not getting a fair education. Gale Research International Limited! and Prod. The buses had been de-segregated but the bus stations, but it can be done.

Music Played Key Role in US Civil Rights Movement Essay

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