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Some people dont even do the homework or they just copy it off of others the day its due so, how many time weve kept others awake and how much paper weve wasted! Think about how much homework weve done since we were in kindergarten, I think that homework is a waste and kids and teens should choose whether they want to do their homework for extra credit and practice or not, how many time weve kept others awake and how much paper weve wasted.

If you think that is a lot think of all of the students around the world doing the same? might not be the only reason but you can bet that its high on the list. Also we learned that finland is the number one in the world in academics and it has no homework. That homework should be destroyed. Some students cannot do the homework due to disabilities like ADHD and ADD. In The Atlantics October issue, everyone hates homework. As you know the Internet is growing at a rapid pace, money, Greenfeld needed to know: Was hours of nightly work teaching her anything, how many time weve kept others awake and how much paper weve wasted! Students are up at 12:00 am doing homework.

Problems with School-Assigned Homework Essay:

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