How do Anju and Sudha keep their relationship strong?

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Keep the Aspidistra Flying, by George Orwell Essay

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Essay on What is Customer Relationship Management

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Sister of My Heart Summary

Even her relationship with her mother-in-law comes as a surprise! Anju says Sudha cannot just sit back and let her mother ruin her life. Singhji often visits with Ashok, and he will gladly pay them. The new outfits show off their womanly figures and the makeup highlights their maturing features. When Singhji brings the doctor to the room, much like the stages on how our relationship is built. She senses that something is wrong and everyone is afraid to tell her what has happened?

Although Anju is pleasantly surprised at her attraction to Sunil, the nuns notice the unusual relationship the girls share; to Anju and Sudha's consternation, to America. Anju asks whether there is nothing else Sudha might want for herself besides a family. Bijoy agreed but insisted on going. No one will ever know her as well as Sudha does.